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the-team-(2)the-team-(3)Anna Berglin Design is committed to the philosophy that good design positively influences the quality of life. We believe that your home or work enviroment should provide you with a space that is functional and visually pleasing, improving both lifestyle and well being.

Our company offers an innovative take on classic design. While we understand current industry trends, our methodical approach and design insight allow us to distinguish chic from passé. It is our mission to create new spaces that hold the character and charm of years of collecting and eclectic styling. We see beyond the face value of furniture and finishes and are dedicated to finding creative design solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

At Anna Berglin Design, we guide our clients into making educated decisions about their project for an aesthetic that will remain relevant for decades to come. We provide exceptional design through an established process ensuring your finished space is en vogue, enduring and uniquely you.