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AnnaAnna brings experience and enthusiasm to each project. She has been designing award winning residential interiors since 1996, drawing from her rich background of traditional Fine Arts training and technical construction know-how. Anna applies an artist’s view and brings a personal commitment to every design project. She sees with her vision, not just her eyes.

Anna possesses a unique ability to read her clients’ style and expertly guide them through the decision making process to materialize their dreams. With additional education in Psychology, she is able to resolve variances in taste by merging them together seamlessly and elegantly.

Anna achieves a fresh, yet timeless aesthetic in her designs. “It’s wasteful to create something that will look immediately trendy and dated. It’s important to invest your time, money and energy in improvements that will stand the test of time.” She customizes every space not only to make it beautiful, but “to respect the house and feed the souls of those who live there.”