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KasiKasi obtained her Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Art Institute of Minnesota. It was there that she merged her intuitive approach to design with structural requirements and architectural parameters. She brings new excitement and distinctive ideas to the table through envisioning conventional items in unique ways.

“Design is engrained in the idea that there is no single solution to a project – each is unique.”

Kasi believes aesthetics are important to each space, however her focus revolves around timeless functionality and space planning. She maintains this practical mentality by researching products for quality and longevity on a consistent basis. Through applying the natural laws of ergonomics, she is also able to create custom and comfortable spaces for each client.

Observing the natural ebb and flow has taken her expression of art to a deeper level and understanding. With a philosophy that “all things simply derive from nature,” Kasi leaves each project with a tangible sense of place.